Our reality

Donate to kill enemies of freedom

Our reality is like in the middle age colonial politics

Time to act... or you rather wait to be next target of CIA?

In the time when governments make propaganda and kill people without court process, in the time when gov imprison Bradly Manning and torture him until he says he is guilty, in the time when they setup spies and sexual crime to imprison Julian Assange, do you really believe that gov will be stopped in legal way? Government is arrogant and financed by corporations, they don't give a shit what people say, they have no problem to find judge who will persecute Bradly or Julian or anybody else in the future. It is time to organize killing of all people mixed in hunting and imprisoning freedom fighters.
Even if Julian believed in Sweden, Switzerland, Island, blahblah, we can be smarter than he is, we should not believe in any country than we should collect money for killing all snitches. If we don't do it, maybe any of us is next and than it will be too late. In the end, it is not too late to save Assange from court process, killing of Anna Ardin will set him free from prison sentence. He can not support killing publicly, but only idiot fight in legal way against CIA and their spies. If CIA kill and imprison, people must do the same. Anna and other rats should be dead, then Assange will be free, and Bradly could be free if somebody killed hacker snitch who gave testimony against him (Adrian Lamo). For Bradly is too late but it is not for Julian. If 1000 of supporters of Wikileaks give 5 dollars, we can order killing. I know criminals, it is not problem to pay. Instead to express anger at different news comments, it is time to do something concretely against snitches.

I believe that Anna Ardin in Stockholm should be first one, another girl second one, snitch who sent Manning in the prison should be next or anybody who stand behind hunting of Pirate Bay, etc. Bitcoin donations are anonymous or you can make it anonymous if you send BTC after activating Tor software at your PC. Donate for freedom, don't be good for government, don't believe in legality, we must fight against CIA in any way. When gov kill, people must do the same, it was so in history, it is so today.

So, for Anna the price is 25 000 euro. After that we can collect money for other target. Here is my email for contact: protectfreedom(at)ruggedinbox.com, my BTC address will be give to those who contact me for donation.

That's all. Save freedom fighters, donate for killing.

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